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In Woodland glen you'll stumble across a bar manned by your own personal mixologist who will teach you how to craft three avant-garde and unfamiliar cocktails inspired by your surroundings. Be inspired by the sights, sounds and smell of the wood, and, watch live British butterflies pupating and hatching among the projected digital forest.

Moth to a flame - Sweet Tuaca smoked with birch wood. Ginger and charred liquorish root. Ice.

Pond Water - Martin Millers Gin infused with foraged Wood Sorrel. Charcoal and honey 'tadpoles'. Tonic. Ice.

Stinging Nettle Martini - Foraged Nettles dried and crystalised with sugar. Mamont Vodka muddled with Nettle and Herbs. Shaken. Ice.

A mixture of butterfly species in decline on the South Coast were bred for the event and then released to boost the population of native species. Particularly the Purple Emporer.

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