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As you enter this world a narrator explains how you, a young Russian boy or girl had head stories of a witch. And, in the middle of the night gone looking to find her in the woods. Once you reach her hut you are tested, your fortune is told and your tarot cards are read to decide if you're worth of BABA's favor.

Green Apple - Monkey 47. Apple, Elderflower and Rose jellies are hung inside glass spheres from tree branches. Dried rose and Edible sugar paper garnish.

Star - Tuaca and Raspberry tincture. Sage infused soda. Garnished with a magic trick - apentagram sizzles around your champagne flute.

Moon - Mozart Chocolate and Cherry Wine. Cocoa Nibs and rock salt. Served in a ceramic goblet and tasting of seduction.

BABA's Tea - Green tea syrup and Reyka Voka are shaken with a selection of herbs. Garnished with a fortune and served in a teacup.

You progress from a digital woodland glen into BABA's hut. The smell of herbs drying and being smoked drift in the air and smoke curls around occult objects. Tables are laid out with pestle and mortar, unexplained tinctures and tarot cards are strewn around the room. You're stood in the middle of the witches home.

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